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The latest fabric concepts and designs, innovative fibre and fabric applications, cutting edge dyeing and finishing techniques and the fastest turnaround in the industry.

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What We Do

We're dedicated to providing customized circular knitted fabric solutions for a wide range of  apparel and non-apparel applications.

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Tricots Liesse has a wide variety of state of the art knitting machines including: double-knit rib, double-knit interlock, transfers, automatic stripers, single-knit and double-knit electronic stripers,  single-knit mini jacquard, single-knit terry, open-width jersey, polar fleece.  All knitting machines are equipped with special spandex attachments.

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Tricots Liesse also has its own very experienced and highly qualified design team using the latest textile software CAD design tools.

Our expert team can custom design fabrics to achieve the look and feel you need, all constructed to your exacting standards.

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Our European styled, state of the art dyeing and finishing facility, has the unique ability to process small runs to very large programs, including a multitude of different finishes and knitted fabrics from 2 oz to 22 oz and everything in between.  Di-Tech specializes in the quick turn of samples and/or production of the highest possible quality knitted fabrics.

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Cutting-edge styling coupled with the latest fabric innovations are only two of the things that make our garments unique.

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Our Products

From Single Knits to Double Knits to Swimwear to Crochets, to our new Eco friendly or Fire Retardant fabrics.

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Single Knits

Plain jersey, feeder and engineered stripes, bird's eye, lacoste, mesh, an infinite number of jacquards, jerseys in plaited, fluid and control weights, crochets and novelty constructions in both piece-dyed and yarn-dye version; gauges from 14 to 40

Double Knits

Jacquards, interlocks, PDRs, double-face, blisters, transfer jacquards, lined crochets, ribs and trims, all fabrics are available in both piece-dye and yarn-dye versions, in gauges from 14 to 28


Swimwear fabrics...many with custom finishes such as antimicrobial, resistance to chlorinated pool water, resistance to sea water.

Surface finishes

Surface finishes such as sueding, sanding, napping and Ice finish.

Chemical finishes

Chemical finishes such as wicking, anti-fungal, fire retardancy, water repellency, ice finish, moisture management systems (Aquaway & Bi-Dri), anti-static, U.V.P. Finish Rayosan, Soli resist, Cold Black, anti-pill and more.

Environmentally concious

Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Tricots Liesse and Di-Tech's electricity is supplied by Hydro-Québec.  H.Q. is the largest producer of hydro-electricity, and they also use green energy, especially wind energy. The natural flow of water in rivers offers kinetic power that can be transformed into usable energy.

Currently, hydroelectricity is the major for of usable energy produced from flowing water.  To produce hydroelectricity, the water flow is directed at the blades of a turbine, making it spin, which causes an electrical generator connected to the turbine to spin as well, thusly generating electricity.
In Québec, 97% of the electricity is made from movable water supply. Far superior to burning coal/fossil fuel for the ecology.  

Liesse/Di-Tech actually uses 38% Hydro electricity and the balance is natural gas, which is used to heat our boilers which heats the water used to dye our fabrics.  

Whereas, The People's Republic of China is the largest consumer of coal in the world and is about to become the largest user of coal-derived electricity, generating about 1.95 trillion kilowatt-hours per year, or about 68.7% or its electricity from coal as of 2006 (compared to 1.99 trillion kilowatt-hours per year, or 49% for the US).

China's carbon footprint
In 2001 the carbon emissions from coal used in China made up about 10% of the world's total CO2 emissions at the time. By 2004 this rose to 14%  It is believed that a continued increase in coal power in China may undermine the international initiatives to decrease carbon emissions such as the Kyoto Protocol, which called for a decrease of 483 million tons by 2012.  In the same time frame, it is expected that coal plants in China will have increased CO2 emissions by 1,926 million tons - over 4 times the proposed reduction.

China's coal mining industry is the largest and also the deadliest in the world in terms of human safety where thousands of people die each year in the coal pits, compared to 30 per year for coal power in the United States.
As a comparison to Italy, 78% of Italy's electricity is sourced is made from fossil fuel and  only 19% is made from Hydro energy.

Index Mundi
Electricity - production by source
78.6% - fossil fuel
18.4% - hydro
0% nuclear
3% other
  • All of our lighting are T5-HO which uses considerably less wattage, a significant daily energy saver
  • Di-Tech has full heat recovery systems take from our waste water
  • Recovery of heat from our steam systems
  • Re-use of the cooling water for out dye jets
  • By utilization of our continuous scouring range, countless hours and countless gallons of water have been saved.  Hence the further reduction of energy and air and water pollution
We will continue to be environmentally conscious and do our part where we can, not to impact the environment in a negative way.
We are constantly looking for new energy conservation systems to maintain our status as the most ecologically minded dye house in North America.

We're dedicated to manufacturing the correct fabric; how you want it and when you need it.

The Management Team - Tricots Liesse & Di-Tech